The Arabic translation

Am new to your platform ,but i noted that the Arabic translation of the platform is not up to the bar

Hi @Ali

Welcome to the Open edX® community. It’s really great to have you join us and thanks for making your first post!

Translating Open edX® is a community endeavour and you can see all the progress here at Transifex: edx-platform localization

I see that Arabic is 97.2% complete in terms of number of strings/words translated. This however does not mean that the translations will be suitable, and certainly not for every use case (for example in my experience the Arabic translation is not gender neutral).

You can customise your own Open edX® platform by updating just the specific/few strings to suit yourself or even better you can get involved with the Transifex project and help update the strings to be more accurate for the whole community!

If you need help translating the strings in your Open edX® platform you can reach out to the known providers: Fully Managed – Open edX

Hope this helps and hope to see you around the community.

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Thank you for responding so quickly to my notes on Arabic language translation. As an online learner, I’ve been utilizing the edx platform for over four years. It is, in my opinion, the best online learning environment I have ever experienced. It offers everything it takes to be the top educational platform, including user-friendliness, an automated learning process, and so on. As online education and training become more common, I dreamed about an Arabic-enabled version with the same beautiful and appealing language style as the English version.I’ll soon join the Transifex project and help update the strings so that they’re more accurate for the entire community!

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Hi @Ali

That is so awesome to hear!

Let’s make your dream come true! When you’re ready, you are more than welcome to get involved:

Translation Working Group

Description: The Translation Working Group consists of various community members, who assist with submitting, coordinating, and reviewing translations in Transifex, in an effort to enhance tCRIL’s overall localization strategy vis a vis a centralized collaboration approach for crowdsourced translations. The group covers ten target languages and ensures 100% translation completion of all Open edX software releases, as well as the translation of user documentation. Click here to learn more about the Translation Working Group.

Organizers: Nicole Kessler and Eden Huthmacher

Project Board: Trello

Slack: join the channel #translations-working-group

Meetings: Bi-weekly on Wednesdays at 10 AM (EST)


@Ali thank you for your feedback and your willingness to contribute to the translation.

Seconding to what @dean, as I am the reviewer of the Arabic language, I would be really happy to have you as a translator, you can find me in slack group shared above, I can also onboard you on how we are using transfiex.

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Thank you very much.i would be very happy to join slack group and guided by you on how to use use transfiex,

I have problem accessing openedx slack group.

Hi @Ali

Did you try this invite link?

yes i tried it but the connection took along time and i got a message that the site might be busy and am using Firefox as my default browser . Ialso tried it many times and i got the same message.

@nedbat are you the right person to help get @Ali invited to Slack? Please see above, he is having trouble getting invited.

Ali, send me an email:, and I’ll get you invited.