Theming/branding for MFEs

I’m currently working on custom branding for Maple’s MFEs and I’m running into some problems. I followed the instructions listed here :
GitHub - openedx/brand-openedx.

I installed from a directory under the @edx/brand alias following the instructions here :

I then try to pull in the assets from @edx/brand into the MFE using code similar to
import StudioLogoSVG from '@edx/brand/studio-logo.svg';

This gives me the following error in the browser:

Compiled with problems:


Module not found: Error: Can't resolve 'react' in '/edx/app/src/brand-educateworkforce'

Has anyone else run into this problem? Have I configured something incorrectly? Any help would be appreciated.


@arbrandes Could you comment on this? We’re just trying to replace the logo and use edX branding for all our MFE as noted in oep-0048.

Hi, if you are working on dev mode I think is better if you use the module.config.js

This is explained here:

And you can see it here too:

And now I only tested with aliases installing a repository like this:

npm install --save @edx/brand@<myuser>/brand-openedx

I hope this could help you

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