Trying to migrate old xblocks from Eucalyptus to latest master installation of OpenEdx


I am trying to migrate xBlocks from my old Eucalyptus devstack installation on vagrant to the docker devstack installation. I am running the below commands

make studio-shell
pip install
make studio-restart

Then I added the xblock name to the advanced module list in the advanced settings.

But the XBlocks are not showing up on the course advanced list.

Am I missing a step? Are there any major changes to the XBlocks structure that I need to do?

Thanks & Regards
Prithviraj Chaudhuri

That seems like the correct process, yes.

Are you sure the xblock packages were successfully installed? You can check by searching through the output of pip freeze from the studio shell. It may also be necessary to install the xblocks in the lms environment (make lms-shell) as well.