Tutor, ORA2 and submissions_attachments

When using the local filesystem with Tutor, files submitted through ORA2 end up by default under tutor/data/lms/ora2/‘SET-ME-PLEASE (ex. bucket-name)’

When using S3 it should normally be setup through AWS_STORAGE_BUCKET_NAME

What should be used for Tutor and in which patch section should it be included if I want to use a different name through a plugin? I tried a few without success thus far.

Thanks for any help.

I haven’t used with ORA2 in tutor before… I know there is a community plugin for s3 which where I usually take a look to check for settings,

For your question openedx-auth patch is the patch change AWS_STORAGE_BUCKET_NAME hence tutor-contrib-s3/openedx-auth at 9560ff0d66e1ad116b4aa5fd4be96b60fafcda32 · hastexo/tutor-contrib-s3 · GitHub Note: the example patch is using JSON style but if you are using Nutmeg, tutor changed openedx-atuh to be Yaml style.

Edit: here is example with YAML tutor-minio/openedx-auth at ac90d21e7645f6a243099e86f39bbabc518903c5 · overhangio/tutor-minio · GitHub

Thanks @ghassan I know about the tutor-contrib-s3 plugin but it has not been ported to Nutmeg yet.

I will look at your suggestion for openedx-auth.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t want to cooperate as it still tries to create a ‘SET-ME-PLEASE (ex. bucket-name)’ directory instead of the name to which I set AWS_STORAGE_BUCKET_NAME even after adding an openedx-auth patch in one of my plugins.

I’ll investigate a little bit more but I am starting to think it might be a bug.

No issue if I try to use Minio instead of the filesystem. This could be a workaround for now.