Nutmeg Feature Round-up

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Nutmeg is the latest Open edX named release. It came out June 9th, 2022. In this post we’ll take a look at some of the newest additions to the Open edX software, highlighting some great features you’ll be excited to have. Dates Tab Added As Default for All Courses The main courseware experience now features…

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Hello, reading the new features I have a doubt in the Dates Tab topic, since it comments that you read the release notes and in these it mentions that the command python cms backfill_course_tabs must be executed but the option does not exist, what would be the correct?

I have executed with the option backfill_course_end_dates which is the most similar, but it does not fill the page with dates.

I am using the version tutor, version 14.0.3

Are you running Nutmeg? This command was added in March and made it into the first Nutmeg release: feat: Add backfill course tabs management command · openedx/edx-platform@61b93d9 · GitHub

For further questions, could you make a new top-level post to get other people’s help? Thanks!

Great feature but there is no instruction about how do I use this feature in production. In spite of it I was able to enable relative due dates using the waffle flags and this works perfectly for instructor paced courses. However most of my courses are self paced and I am unable to have that working. In fact I assume most of all openedx supported platform prefers self paced courses including justifying anyone anytime anywhere.

I have failed to have this feature working in my instance for self paced courses. Have any one been able to use this feature in production??

Could you guide me?? the only step I took was enabling waffle switches necessary.


Hi @Sujit_Patel - please make a new post by visiting and clicking the “New Topic” button. Please put it in the right category so others can see it. Thanks!