Upgrading Koa to Nutmeg: why don't courses appear?

thank you @sambapete, this clearly is part of the solution, however, i still haven’t figured out the correct sequence, or if perhaps there are additional steps. what i’ve done so far:

  1. on the Koa platform, i ran ./manage.py cms simulate_publish --settings=production. Just a note for anyone reading this post, that this operation did find and process every course. Afterwards however, all of the courses are still version 11.
  2. i repeated the MongDB migration to the Nutmeg platform
  3. on the Nutmeg platform i ran ./manage.py cms backfill_course_tabs --settings=tutor.production. However, this has absolutely no affect whatsoever. Nutmeg does not see any courses and thus, it does nothing. this command is benign.

There seems to be some other interim step. Any ideas? Thanks again for your help!! :smiley:

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