User Provisioning API

I run the Hawthorn release on my instance. I have outsourced the development of user provisioning API on my Wordpress site, that works perfectly. When students register on my wordpress site, they automatically be created on Open Edx. The same when they log into wordpress (SSO - oAuth)
My problem is that when I register users as “verified” mode, they need to verify their identity (take a picture of themselves and picture of their identity). One solution is to manually verify the users but that is something I need to avoid.
Is there any way to verify students through the post request I send to my server?
The post request I send know has the below format:
“user_email”: “USER_EMAIL_ADDRESS”,
“course”: “COURSE_ID”,
“mode”: “verified”,
“is_active”: true
The post requests I send know to create students on Open Edx has the below format:
“username”: “USERNAME”,
“password”: PASSWORD,
“first_name”: “USER_FIRSTNAME”,
“last_name”: “USER_LASTNAME”,
“verified”: true
Can I somehow bypass this procedure?
One alternative is to enroll them in no-id-professional mode but I want to use this mode for other kind of users.