WordPress: User info API not found

I have integrated WordPress as marketing site for my Open edx LMS. For this i have used eduNEduNextext https://wordpress.org/plugins/edunext-openedx-integrator/ and miniOrange Oauth plugin in WordPress. It was working fine in hawthorn.

Now i have upgraded my LMS in Koa. To configure Open Edx with WordPress i have to setup below configuration in WordPress:
Display Name: My Platform Name
Redirect / Callback URL: https://mydomain.com
Client ID: xxxxxxxxxxxx
Client Secret: xxxxxxxxxx
Scope: email profile
Authorize Endpoint: https://mydomain.com/oauth2/authorize
Access Token URL: https://mydomain.com/oauth2/access_token
Get User Info URL: https://mydomain.com/oauth2/user_info

https://mydomain.com/oauth2/user_info this URL was working fine in hawthorn but in Koa getting 404.

Is there someone know what is endpoint for “Get User Info” ?


i get the same probleme which i get a 404 as response