Username suggestions don't render correctly in certain scenarios

Hi community, @zainab, @syedsajjadkazmii

I found an issue in Authn MFE. This issue is about displaying username suggestions.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Open the register page
  2. Enter some string into the field “Full name” (e.g. Jack Smith)
  3. Click on the field “Public username”

If we follow these steps, we can see how the username suggestion (Suggested: username_1 username_2 username_3) is superimposed on the inscription The name that will identify you in your courses. It cannot be changed later.

Maybe someone has a quick solution.

Those are just suggestions.

You can pick one of them by clicking on the suggestion or click on the X to the right of the field in order to input what you would like to use.

Maybe I didn’t quite understand your problem?

Mine align perfectly.

I was finally able to reproduce your behaviour.

Have you tried clicking anywhere afterwards? The suggestions are then moved into the public username field.

Yes, it is, everything falls into the right places, if applicable off the field. The issue is just for such a case as I described above.

Thank you. I will create a ticket for this in our backlog.

I confirmed this yesterday with the team and it has been fixed in the master branch in this PR: fix: update username suggestions placement by shahbaz-shabbir05 · Pull Request #982 · openedx/frontend-app-authn · GitHub. We will backport this change to palm release as well.

Thanks @zainab :wink: