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Hi there!

Students uploaded files with the Open Response Assessment. Although the number of students uploading is high, we cannot see them in bulk. Do you have a suggestion?

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

Hi. In the instructor dashboard, there’s the data download tab, where you can download a problem’s data in bulk. There’s a Select a section or problem option where you can choose the ORA problem, and then there’s Download a CSV of problem responses (or similar).

The resulting CSV includes many columns, also a column with a link to the submitted file.
Here’s an example of the generated CSV.
It has one row per assessment.

The new report was added in this PR, by OpenCraft, in a project with Université Lille (MOOC GdP), and it’s now included in Open edX. That PR has more information about the report.
The new report is available in Lilac, but it seems it’s not in Koa. But the code can be ported to work in Ironwood/Juniper/Koa.

There may be other ways to see the files; this is just the one I thought of.


Thank you so much it helped me a lot! :slight_smile: