We couldn't sign you in. Too many failed login attempts. Try again later

Greetings all :grin: I’m wrapping up my first installation of Quince on Kubernetes. Mostly all good – kudos to everyone who worked on this release! I’m unable to sign-in however, and it appears that this might be due to more than one configuration error on my part, hence this post. I get the response, “We couldn’t sign you in. Too many failed login attempts. Try again later.” on any and all attempts to sign-in.

More diagnostics:

  1. I see this message in the javascript console for the default mfe sign-in page:
Module configuration error: SESSION_COOKIE_DOMAIN is required by ProcessEnvConfigService.

I’ve verified that SESSION_COOKIE_DOMAIN is correctly set in the lms/cms settings, so apparently i’m supposed to be passing this value from there to somewhere else?

  1. http GET requests to ´/authn/login´ result in a pair of 401 responses from /login_refresh/
  2. I see a POST to login_session that returns a 403. However, i can navigate to this page in my browswer, which returns a JSON-formatted dump of benign user configuration information (see below)

Here’s the complete js console output that I see when i navigate to the sign-in page.

And this is the page output for /login_session/