Webflow and EDX integration

Forgive me, Im just starting to learn and do not know a whole lot about development.

I want to build a CMS/ marketing site on top of my LMS instance. I see there is wordpress integration but I prefer webflow.

Is there a way to get webflow and EDX to play nicely together or should I stick with wordpress?

First of all, Welcome Jon to the Open edX community forums!

The existing eduNEXT’s WordPress plugin might offer you the minimum features you need. However the publicly available version is, in my opinion, becoming obsolete, as it does not work with Gutenberg blocks and themes supporting full-site editing (which are the new thing in WordPress).

We at FennecTech are interested in building a Marketing Site integration for WordPress but it might take a little while to complete.
Our alternative option would be building a marketing site from scratch using Next.js, mainly for performance reasons, but we would need a CMS to provide page building in the way WordPress and Webflow do.

As for Webflow, any Open edX integration would be welcome. Since no free alternatives for eduNEXT’s WP plugin are available AFAIK.