CMS Frontend Integration (Wordpress,Drupal,Richie)

Hey guys,

i have been looking into CMS integration to have a more custom an friendly frontend for the openedx platform but their seems to be a lack of documentation or recent follow up for this sort of thing.

If anyone has had any experience working on this or perhaps has used this with any newer versions i would appreciate any links or tips!

Hey Ghassan,

I have been testing out richie separate of tutor and kind of understand the requirements to link it. However I am wondering if the plugin works for releases past tutor 15 as tutor richie has been removed as a plugin.

Furthermore, I have observed an integration plugin for Wordpress from the Wordpress end, I will try giving it a shot.

Another update, it seems i am struggling with connecting with Wordpress, do you have any experience running the integration plugin? and if Not how do you integrate SSO otherwise

I think there many SSO wordpress plugins to connect it with Open edX, one way to do it, is to connect it similar to how (studio and LMS) are connected as OAuth application. You make the LMS as identity a provider for Wordpress, you could either do that at cli level, (e.g. like tutor connect it ) or through admin UX/UI by going to and creating application from there.

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