Webmin installation in Debian, VM

Not able to install the webmin in Vitual machine, Debian OS.

@alpesh, this is the official Open edX discussion and support forum. So, I am not sure how installing webmin on a Debian virtual machine is relevant here.

If you require any further assistance specific to Open edX, please let us know.

@guruprasad I have installed edX VM Debian image. But that image does not have required tools which webmin. As suggested by edx community help team that “webmin is best tool to install”. But while downloading that, through edx default logged in user, it does not allowed to download.
So as the VM image provided by edx, I thought I might get some help on “how to grant permission to default edx user to download and install it”.

Well, I apologies if its not allowed.
Thank you

@alpesh, from the Lilac release onwards, there are two officially supported installation methods for Open edX. One is Tutor (docs) and the other is the native installation method that requires Ubuntu 20.04 and not Debian.

I am not sure who in the Open edX community suggested using webmin and for what reason. So, please provide more details about your problems with Open edX.

@guruprasad the image that provided by Tutor has the Debian OS
SMP version 4.19 181-1.

Thank you so much for reply.

@alpesh, here are the instructions in the official webmin documentation to install webmin on Debian 10. If you run into any issues when installing the application using these steps, I would recommend asking for help in the official webmin discussion forum.

@guruprasad I think you are not getting my point. The issue is not from webmin its restriction which was granted to default user of edx VM image. And thats why I am seeking help from edx image builder/provider to please help. Any ways thank you. If you dont know thats okay will mange. Thank you for trying to help bye :innocent:

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