What is the waffle flag text string value for enabling {lmshost}/api/user_tours/v1

The courseware micro front-end makes requests to this url: https://mooc.moocweb.com/api/user_tours/v1/mcdaniel, which apparently by default returns a 403 error. Researching this error I found the following in the source code:

But there is no guidance about how the waffle flag is supposed to be configured. Does anyone know?

Have you tried running the management command to backpopulate the user tours model?

See https://edx.readthedocs.io/projects/open-edx-release-notes/en/latest/nutmeg.html#user-tours

I haven’t seen anything about a waffle flag for user tours. If there is one, it should be annotated, so the documentation is generated in https://edx.readthedocs.io/projects/edx-platform-technical/en/latest/index.html

Peter Pinch
Senior Associate Director, Application Development
MIT Open Learning Engineering

Thanks @pdpinch that is helpful. Though it does not solve the problem at hand, i nevertheless learned about a couple of things that would have become problems. Related, i created a few tools today that bear on this topic:

  • tutor-contrib-enable-courseware-mfe - a tutor plugin that ensures that LMS courseware MFE is enabled.
  • tutor-contrib-disable-courseware-mfe - does the opposite. a tutor plugin to disable LMS courseware MFE
  • tutor-contrib-k8s-deploy-tasks - a tutor plugin that runs the manage.py tasks outlined in the Nutmeg release notes (your link). It also takes care of some k8s-specific deployment hurdles related to http/https settings values in some of the oauth client configurations for cms / discovery / ecommerce / etcetera.

I also created a pair of Github Actions for these in https://github.com/openedx-actions that simplify using these plugins inside of Github Actions workflows.