Disabling the Learning MFE in Maple (slightly misleading documentation)


if anyone’s curious about how to disable the learning MFE in Maple, it looks like there are two Waffle flags that you’ll need to set:

If you set just one but not the other, your learners will end up with a dashboard that has MFE links to courses — which, then, don’t go anywhere.

Also, please note that the documentation for the LEARNING_MICROFRONTEND_URL setting currently still indicates that you must set courseware.courseware_mfe for the learning MFE to become effective. As far as I can make out, that warning is incorrect as of this PR:

The logic is now such that you don’t need to set the courseware.courseware_mfe Waffle flag to enable the learning MFE; rather, you need to set the flags described above to disable it.

Courtesy tag for @doctoryes and @kmccormick here who worked on that PR; maybe one of you could chime in to confirm or refute these findings?

Thank you!



Thanks for this tip Florian!

If you think this should be added to the release notes, please let me know, or comment on the release notes PR:


Peter Pinch
MIT Open Learning

I hadn’t known about this PR but it looks like those two Waffle flags are already being mentioned there?

@fghaas Thank you for catching this and surfacing it! Your understanding is correct, and the dangling reference to courseware.courseware_mfe was a mistake.

Could you review this PR to fix it on edx-platform master? Once merged, I’ll open an identical PR against the Maple master branch so that the fix will be reflected in the maple.2 point release.

I was going to reply: “Sure thing, done!”

… but Discourse helpfully pointed out that that’s fewer than 20 characters, which it considers too short for a proper reply. Thus:

Be thanked, stout yeoman, for thy kind assistance thou hast rendered in utmost haste! I have done as thou hast prayed, forthwith.


This is extremely helpful. Is there a flag to automatically forward legacy links to the learning MFE? i.e. if sites/bookmarks link to the old /courses/course-v1:etc/ page, forward to the new link that the dashboard uses?

But disabling the learning MFE is not displaying the progress chart as it was displaying earlier for default(without MFE)? Do we have to turn on any other waffle flag for that?

There is another Waffle flag, yes. It was mentioned in the Lilac release notes, though for some reason it appears to be absent from the Feature Toggles documentation.

It’s course_home.course_home_mfe_progress_tab. To use the legacy progress tab you want to set that to No for Everyone.

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Thank you so much for help @fghaas

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