Where is the complete reference documentation for the tutor commandline?

I am looking for the actual complete tutor command-line documentation, if it exits.

The webpage https://docs.tutor.overhang.io/ claims to be the reference documentation
for this, but it is massively incomplete with many (if not most) options unlisted.

Am I missing some easily found exhaustive resource (analogous to the man pages for
bash commands)? Thanks, if you can point me in the right direction!!

I think all the commands are here:
What commands do you find not in the docs yet?

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Hi, Thanks for the response!

The webpages you reference are the ones that are very incomplete. The are the ones
that I mentioned in the document. For example, the command tutor local is listed with the format

tutor local [OPTIONS] COMMAND [ARGS]…

But there is no listing of what options, commands and arguments are available. For example,
the special case of the above format is explicitly given on another page as

tutor local do createuser --staff --superuser username useremail

Where is the documentation of what do does? What other commands aside from createuser
are there? If I want to make another kind of user what other options apart from staff and
superuser are available? The page where this command is located says that the
password is asked for interactively, but this does not happen on the command line. I
needed to set the password and but could not because I did not have email verification
set up. So I guessed that one can add

–password actualpassphrase

to the above command, and it worked!! But there does not seem to be any documentation
that this is possible. But the developers of the command line code itself must be aware of
these options.

As another question, can one delete a user (is there a deleteuser option?)

None of these details seems to be available in public. I am hoping that there is some extra
resource. One might think that overhang.io (the company) would have this documentation,
but I do not know of any website where it is available.

Does anyone know about these command-line details?


The documentation is a little outdated. The “do” was added not too long ago. Or maybe it was intended so, anyway if you read the getting start guide, you should know it there.
You can also use -h to get help. For me, the docs listed all commands I use.
Tutor is free and open-source. If you think there are aspects that could be improved, you can suggest to the development team, together we can make it better.

Thanks for the reply. Somehow I had not explored the -h option. This is what I was looking
for. This does, I think, solve the problem I was having.

The issue originally arose, I think, because the tutor local do createuser command might have
a bug (or I don’t understand something): without explicitly giving a password on the command line
the command-line documentation says that the password will be asked for interactively. This did
not happen for me. It did create the user, but then I could not log in to OpenEdx because the account
had no password (and I could not set it because email verification had not been set up).

Thanks again! It would be nice if the options one finds via the -h option were documented on
a web page.