Working group creation - Large Instances & Multisites

We are formalizing the creation of a DevOps working group dedicated to large instances & multi-sites hosting with Open edX. You can read the full description at :

The goal of the working group is to cooperate on the deployment and maintenance of large or multi-sites Open edX instances.

Historically, such collaboration was done through the edx-configuration repository, which was maintained as the main deployment method for Open edX by edX. Following the deprecation of the edx-configuration repository, there is no such common ground for collaboration on the deployment of large instances of Open edX. Tutor took over a part of the official deployment process, but focuses on small instances and immediate ease of use, leaving aside the specificity of larger instances. As a result, many Open edX operators and providers have redeveloped custom solutions, often duplicating the work and its maintenance.

This working group is a place where community members come to put their resources in common, to collaborate on the development of solutions specific to running large or multi-site instances, and share its direction and maintenance.

We hold a bi-weekly meeting, and work on a shared list of issues.

This group leads the Harmony Kubernetes project, used to deploy Open edX via Helm & Tutor: GitHub - openedx/openedx-k8s-harmony: A Prototype Helm Chart for deploying multiple Open edX instances (via Tutor) onto a cluster.

Feel free to join the bi-weekly video calls, comment on tasks you’re interested in, or ask any question.

Reference issue: Register the group as a formal working group - Discovery · Issue #12 · openedx/openedx-k8s-harmony · GitHub


@antoviaque - how can I join the bi-weekly calls?

@apglenn Glad to hear you’re interested in joining the meetings! You can do so by following the Zoom link in the meeting section on the working group wiki page:


The calendar link above also has all the details of the event. Don’t hesitate if there is anything else!