Wrong LMS_BASE, LMS_ROOT_URL and others in Tutor 17 dev


In Tutor 17 above mentioned urls point to localhost:18000 which is wrong and causes many broken links all over the place. For example if you try to unenroll from course in developer tools you can see that endpoint is called on localhost:18000 and it doesn’t work. When I hardcode correct url in urls.js instead unenroll works.
Any quick fix for this before patch as there are dozens of localhost:18000 instances all over the place?

Hi @borgdrone7

Those should get applied when you do a tutor config launch

However I’ve not experimented with those values in particular.

If you do want to modify the settings you can create a plugin and apply your modification for required value.

You can take references from here :- Examples — Tutor documentation

Hi @chintan,

Unfortunately they are not applied after launch, even if you start on a fresh PC and install everything from scratch you will get this issue. It is a bug in Tutor 17, you can see it also in the code if you search for localhost:18000.

Hi @borgdrone7 I wasn’t able to reproduce this.

LMS_BASE and LMS_ROOT_URL both are being set correctly to whatever domain I give during the launch command, and in dev they are local.edly.io:8000

Can you try to fire
tutor config save
tutor local (or dev) stop
tutor local (or dev) start


I am not saying that it is in general set to wrong URL, but it is set on some specific cases. For example the easiest way to check is if you access learner dashboard MFE and try to UnEnroll from any course. If you try that you will see that it doesn’t work and you will stay enrolled. So if you check in developer tools, Network tab, you will see that endpoint called when you click UnEnroll is localhost:18000/…, instead of local.edly.io:8000/


Hi @borgdrone7 ,

I’ve confirmed and checked, users are not able to un-enroll.

I’ve raised the issue here, feel free to add more details to it.

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Thank you @chintan . As soon as I catch some time I will add some additional information there.

Is this an issue in the tutor-mfe plugin?

Hi @regis,
It might be in the mfe plugin as it seems that paths are mixed up. It is even easier to spot in tutor dev as some URLs are broken directly.

Also, wanted to add then in prod (local) the url for unenroll returns 200 but unenroll still doesnt work however in dev the urls is wrong (localhost:18000).

Hello. I have the same problem with my platform in production(Open edX tutor Quince 17.0.1), users are not able to un-enroll.

Hi everyone, Just want to inform that the issue has been resolved in learner-dashboard MFE master branch which is also included in open-release/quince.2 and open-release/quince.3. The issue was incorrect selection of initial URLs, specifically defaulting to localhost:18000 instead of the designated runtime or configuration-based URLs. Here is the link to the merged PR. fix: URLs get the current value of LMS_BASE_URL from getConfig() #269 by hinakhadim · Pull Request #273 · openedx/frontend-app-learner-dashboard · GitHub .