Using ngrok with Tutor LMS and Studio

I’m trying to set up ngrok so that I can have a tutor-based development environment that’s remotely accessible in order to debug integration issues locally. I configure Tutor with the ngrok-assigned URL as LMS_HOST. I thought I might be able to get away with making studio.{ngrok-URL} as the CMS_HOST, and then edit my /etc/hosts file to point that to my localhost (i.e. access the LMS remotely, but Studio locally), but I get the error:

Error: invalid_request 
Mismatching redirect URI.

Is that because of the https/http mismatch? Has anyone set up ngrok successfully with their local tutor development environment? Are there alternatives that I should look at? I’m just about to poke at Teleport

Thank you.

Hello :dancer:t3:
Have you tried modifying the admin/oauth2_provider/application for the CMS with the ngrok URL?

Hi @mgmdi!

I ended up using PageKite, which did what I wanted with https://{mysubdomain} as the LMS URL and https://studio-{mysubdomain} as the Studio URL. I also realized I was being silly and hadn’t properly set the ENABLE_HTTPS: true in Tutor config.

Using PageKit is slower than ngrok, but it give stable subdomains for a much cheaper price, with a free 30 day trial at the start. I would have to do more tweaking to get the MFEs working properly, but I don’t need that for my narrow current use case, so I haven’t worked on it.

Thank you!

Hello, ngrok is nice and helps sometimes, but the issue that I face with ngrok is that it allowed only 1 instance or only 1 connection.

Also it is quite slow in serving the content. Although it’s best when showing something that’s under development but not on live yet. I always face issues when I go to courseware because there is a request limit and sometimes a few refresh in courseware will reach that limit.

I haven’t had as much success with anything else apart from ngrok though.

I also sometimes use free domains (but that needs your ISP to provide you with a static ip though) or it can also be done with dyndns but that’s too much of a pain just for a one time demo. If it’s repeated thing free domains and static ip are much better from my experience (But it does come with occasional dDos attacks), ngrok is way better in that regards, never had those sort of issues with it.

I haven’t tried the paid version of ngrok, it could be better.

Can you tell me how did you get past the limit of ngrok if you are using a free version ? Like they’ll only allow those domain for certain time right ? So did you got the domain and then build the image or was it something else ?