Xblock with django

I’m new to OpenEdx and I’m working on XBlocks development,
I want to know if I can add views.py and url.py in an xblock since I have already developed the project with django and I want to add it in xblock without using any Xblock class
I need help please

Hi @ritay. Welcome to the Open edX community!

Yes, you can use the Django framework in your XBlock development, including views.py and urls.py.

In the past, we discouraged this since we wanted to optionality to have XBlocks run in non-Django environments. However, since then, we rescinded that decision and are now open to developers assuming the XBlock is running within Django.

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Hi, Thank u for your reply. Please I need a link of a project that do this, I searched in github but I didn’t find nothing.
I will be pleasure if yiu shared with me, I really need it.
Thanks in advance