About Customization

Hi Guys Can we do customization of our UI and certificate template ? and will our data goes to open edx database if we host platform on our site? any insights will be helpful regarding my Queries

Hi @Anand_Patil yes, you can do changes in UI and certificate templates with help of themes and also via MFE modifications.

No your data will not go to any other database.

@chintan sorry for late reply i think its a dumb question I hosted platform locally using tutor.
Now planning to host it for production. we have to clone the repo and host it right ?
or is there any other options available where we Existing API’s and do little bit of customization?
and if there is a other method how exactly can we make changes?

Hi @Anand_Patil these are a bit broad questions.

But I’ll try to answer them as best as I can.

To host it on production, if you don’t want to change anything, then there is no need of your own repo.

If you do want to change things yes, you’ll need your repo and will need to configure it accordingly.

Existing APIs can be used to create your own implementation but they won’t help in UI changes.

For more clarity on UI changes, I recommend to go through Open edX MFE and tutor MFE docs.

@chintan I dont want change much on backend may be remove a little bit functionalities and on front end I want to make changes like putting my logo instead of open edx, our certificate template and some designs on learners dash board.