About MySQL default 'root@localhost' password

Koa Native Installation:

I would like to know the password for ‘root@localhost’.
It doesn’t seem like in the file : my-passwords.yml.

user root doesn’t have any password by default.
The passwords in my-passwords.yml are used along with each service’s user
e.g. db: edxapp (lms & studio), username: edxapp, password : <edxapp's password here>

Thus root password can be changed without affecting the proper functioning of the platform. It’s still kept blank (password = "")
root is used only for maintenance operations in production or from inside mysql container in devstack

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By default the root MySQL user is set to authenticate using the auth_socket plugin.
Try this command if you need to login to the MySQL shell:

sudo mysql

However you may prefer mysql_native_password.
Then read more about this here.

I try as @mahyard said and it works . Thank you.

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