Default passwords for native installation

I just installed openedx with native installation, using this guide

I can’t find default passwords for
|LMS admin|domain_name:80/admin|
|CMS admin|domain_name:18010/admin|

i tried below credentials with no success,

Username Password
honor edx
audit edx
verified edx
staff edx

Your help is appreciated,


Hi @melshafie,
if you’ve followed the linked steps, you should have a file named my-passwords.yml with generated passwords.
If you don’t have one, you can log into your instance, and use the following commands to create a new admin user:

sudo -Hsu edxapp
. edxapp_env
. venvs/edxapp/bin/activate
edx-platform/ lms createsuperuser

Thanks Agrendalath
I doubled checked, there is no admin or super user passwords, all are secrets and service keys, the other method will create CMS admin user too…?