About Open edX enterprise use case?

Hi everyone, recently I was researching Openedx Enterprise, and I found it in /admin/enterprise/.
But I don’t know about it and don’t know how to use it specifically.
I looked at https://buildmedia.readthedocs.org/media/pdf/open-edx-enterprise-service-documentation/latest/open-edx-enterprise-service-documentation.pdf.
But I really don’t understand how it applies and how to use it.
I have some questions:

What is Enterprise Customer mean?
Is that a new organization or school?
When do we need to create them and what specific use cases?
After creating, how to access or filter them in LMS or Studio?

Can anyone give me some examples of data or diagrams that talk about this?


Hi @luan.tm,

The “Enterprise” functionality is used if you are hosting an online learning platform and selling courses to the employees of large corporations. For example, if you use Open edX to host luan-tm-courses.com and you sell a subscription to 15,000 employees of Megacorp, so they can learn using your courses. In that case, “Megacorp” is the Enterprise Customer. It is different from a school or an organization.

Unless you have that exact use case, I would recommend disabling the enterprise functionality as you probably don’t need it.