Managing multiple Schools

Hi all,

Hope you are well.

I’m looking for some help me with a configuration problem I’m facing.

I have a package of courses that are meant to be sold to various schools.

Along with the courses I’d like to provide the school with access to the platform obviously.

Each school should be able to provide their own staff with access to studio, and the staff should be able to:

  • access courses as viewers/moderator, but they shouldn’t be able to edit them
  • provide access to their students of a specific class
  • assign problems, assessments and grades to their students

Would this scenario be covered within the Open Edx platform or should I deploy one instance of Open Edx per school?


I think Open Edx can do it.
For members of a specific org, please read this thread: Staff/Admin Member by organization - #10 by erickhgm
Enterprise service might also help: Configuration and usage — edx-enterprise 3.61.7 documentation