Activation email is not sent for Open edX installed from aws marketplace

I have installed edx from the aws marketplace. It works fine except when a user registered they don’t get the activation email. The site tells me that the activation email sent to the email address. I moved my SES from sandbox to production. Is there additional setting need to happen in EC2 or SES? Is there any way to see why it fails to send the email? Or is there any way to change the default SMTP config when edx run on EC2.

You can change the SMTP in /edx/etc/lms.yml

Once done, try to restart application along with the workers or just restart everything and if the SMTP is configured correctly, it’ll work.

Thank you and other who helped me to solve the issue but I use the following steps to fix the email for my instance installed from aws market place

I ssh to the instance using the key I downloaded when I install the instance

And I run the following command
tutor config save --set RUN_SMTP=false --set --set SMTP_PORT=587 --set SMTP_USERNAME=emailaddress --set SMTP_PASSWORD=emailpassword --set SMTP_USE_TLS=true --set SMTP_USE_SSL=false

And I run tutor local quickstart
And it starts sending emails.

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