Help! I'm not receiving the activation Email!s

I configured my LMS on “” and CMS on “” It seems to be working fine, except I’m not receiving any activation emails, whatsoever.

I tried installing the entire setup again, and it wasn’t much of a help. Can someone please help me fix this?


Can you check if SMTP credentials are set ?


Yes, I updated the SMTP to Gmail’s and the port to 587. I’ve enabled unsecure app access on my email as well. Am I doing something wrong?

Check if there is two factor auth enabled in Gmail, if that is the case they do have a separate password string to be used in such a case.

Second thing, restart the edxapp_worker after you’ve made changes for email as emails are being sent as tasks.

Third, try to log in to django shell and check if you can send email via that, if that works there shouldn’t be any problem in sending other system mails too, if that fails then there is some issue with your credentials.

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Thanks for helping me out! Can you please tell me how to restart the edxapp_worker in a tutor environment?

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