Problem with smtp service in Open edX

I installed openedx from tutor v15. when a user registers on the site it says an activation mail link was sent to the email. but the user is not getting any activation mail.

Hi @alishaik

Did you set up SMTP information? Which SMTP provider do you employ? These instructions show how to configure SMTP:

$ tutor config save \
  --set \
  --set SMTP_PORT=587 \
  --set SMTP_USE_SSL=false  \
  --set SMTP_USE_TLS=true \
  --set \

Then restart all services again:

tutor local restart

I hope this will be useful to you.

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hello @alishaik
u also follow it will help you more

hi @Yagnesh the less secure access app option is not available in google now it has been removed. also the site is in production state. I configured the config.yml file with

–set SMTP_HOST=smtp
–set SMTP_PORT=8025
–set SMTP_USE_SSL=false
–set SMTP_USE_TLS=true

still not working and is it possible to integrate different smtp providers ?

Is it because of the port? I use 587. Make sure the port is opened and not get blocked by firewall.
Also I use AWS SES. Gmail worked for me too.

@alishaik I agree with @Anh_Vu_Nguy_n
please check your port and after done all things.

You can send a test email with the following command:

$ tutor local run --no-deps lms ./ lms shell -c
“from django.core.mail import send_mail; send_mail(‘test subject’, ‘test message’, ‘’, [‘’])”

I hope it may help you.

Check this topic for vendor suggestions:

@uetuluk The smtp problem is solved thanks, but when i click on activate account on email link. there is an error displaying on my screen you can not activate this account. I wish i could show you with image but new users can not post images.

Thanks in advance

What files should be changed?