Activation email template missing

I need to amend the email template for the account activation [This is sent right after registering for an account]

The template has been located within the directory structure here for irownwood.master.

However, in my clone it is no where to be seen.

This is a fresh install on ubuntu 16.04 and nothing has been changed. To install ironwood.master I used these instructions

How can I get these missing files? Why were they missing in the first place?

Hey there!

You will find these templates in lms/templates/emails on ironwood.master.

By the way, you can override these email templates in your theme instead of modifying the platform directly.


Many thanks for this assistance.

In regards to your suggestion to “override these email templates in your theme instead …”, am I right in thinking I should create a new folder inside my theme’s templates folder called “emails”? Then I can copy the files into this folder and amend them?


Yep, that’s right. You can create a theme with a folder lms/templates/emails to store the templates to replace the default ones.

You can find further information on the theme structure here and how to enable it here.