Add new custom fields to account_settings page

hello there
how can I add new custom fields (added through custom_reg_form plugin) to account_settings page??
make them appear there to edit them as default fields like: full name, gender …).

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Hi @111,
it’s possible to add extra fields to the account_settings page via the extended_profile_fields site configuration. To do this, you can do the following.

  1. Go to the Django admin → Site configurations to configure your site.
  2. Update your existing site configuration (or create one, if it doesn’t exist) with the following:
     "extended_profile_fields": [
         // Fields you'd like to include on that page.
         "ZIP/Postal Code"

If you’d like to make more changes to this page (e.g. hide existing fields), you might want to consider creating a theme, which will override the default account_settings_factory. Then you will need to add it below this line in your theme and override this line to import the custom factory from your theme.