Adding Logos, Images, and Full Name to Custom Certificates in Open edX (Quince Release)

I’m currently customizing certificates in Open edX’s Quince release. I’m facing two challenges: firstly, the full name isn’t displaying using ${accomplishment_copy_name}. Secondly, I’m unsure how to add my logo images to the certificates.

For the logo and images, I’ve first uploaded them to the certificate assets in the Django admin. Then, I attempted to add them using the syntax ${static.certificate_asset_url('certificate-logo')}, but unfortunately, it’s still not working.

for full name you can modify funtion get_preferred_certificate_name in lms/djangoapps/certificates/
To add your logos and image:

  1. add images in folder lms/static/certificates/images
    2)you can directly give image path as ‘/static/certificates/images/your_image_path.png’

I tried the direct image path, but the image still does not display on the certificate (I am using the Indigo theme).

<img src="/static/certificates/images/certificate-logo.png" alt="Certificate Logo" class="logo">

I used this approach from Certificate Accomplishment Rendering to display the name, but it is not showing name on certificate:


The name is now showing on the certificate using ${accomplishment_copy_name} once I add the the user’s full name in the account section.

However, the logo at <img src="/static/certificates/images/certificate-logo.png" alt="Certificate Logo" class="logo"> still doesn’t display.

You can check the path of images displayed in your course. If you are using the Indigo theme, they may be coming from there.

I don’t understand. How can I set the image paths in my certificate? My certificate images are located in /openedx/themes/indigo/lms/static/certificates/images.