Adding Publisher MFE to Open edX

Hi. I’m running openedx palm with tutor in production and with devstack on local. Recently we had some issue about setting instructor for a course. Searching for the solution, I found Publisher (mentioned in openedx docs). Sadly publisher is not in the default deploy of tutor so I tried adding it as a plugin using the instructions provided in tutor mfe docs. After rebuilding images, all I see from publisher is this:

publisher is available at which is not to my preference. Is there a way of running it on a subdomain root url ( Also currently when I click on any of the tabs at the top the /publisher/ route disappears from the url but the page still loads in most cases.

When running with devstack on local, a list of available courses is displayed in this page. When I check for mfe, lms or caddy container logs, I don’t get anything strange. All are normal info-level log entries. Any ideas on what’s wrong?

Another question: must discovery be enabled for publisher to work? In my case, enabling discovery made no difference in publisher.