Setting up Publisher MFE

Hello everyone.

I stumbled upon the Publisher MFE and decided to give it a try.
After reading a bit (in particular, this post: Introducing Open edX Publisher) I managed to have the
app working and created a course performing a basic review process.

Now, my problem is that I couldn’t use most of the features highlighted in the
blog post. I wasn’t able to provide suggestions or request changes nor was I
able to reject the submission. At most, what I could do was approve or let the
submission stay ‘In Review’.

Is there some configuration I’m not aware of? or are this particular features
locked behind the Salesforce integration (only thing that comes to mind)?

I know that @arbrandes is the author of the post linked above, maybe you or
someone with a bit of knowledge about this particular MFE could give me a hand.

Your help would be greatly appreciated.


Hi @MoisesGonzalezS, and welcome to the forum!

Unfortunately, that is precisely the case for some of the interesting features in Publisher - likely the ones you tried to use but couldn’t. There’s nothing for it but to actually configure Salesforce, if you want them.

If there’s enough interest, I can see the community working together to create a FLOSS replacement (or at least, as has happened many times before, a community member can create a replacement and then open source it), but it hasn’t been the case here, yet.

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That’s truly a shame, but thanks a lot for the quick answer. I was mostly doing an exploration but I will keep an eye on the development in the future.

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