Setting up Publisher MFE

I’ve recently had to create a lot of copies of the same course(s) and I realised that using the publisher MFE can make the process a lot easier! I’m conscious of the limitations without using Salesforce.

I’ve set up the publisher MFE with tutor and I’m stuck when trying to create a new course run because some of the drop-down fields are not populated.


Looking into it, I found that an HTTP OPTIONS call to course-discovery returns choices for pacing_types (drop-down works :white_check_mark: ) but not for run_type (not drop-down items :x:).

Looking at the corresponding tables in /admin they seem to be correctly populated and actually I can make an API call to create a course_run and it works. course_runs OPTIONS.txt (43.3 KB)

Any suggestions where I can look to figure out what’s wrong?


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Thanks to @sambapete who showed me how to create courses in e-commerce this was part of the missing piece to get enrollment track into course metadata on the discovery side.

  1. Add the e-commerce API URL to the partner on the discovery service side.
  2. Create a course entry on e-commerce (<ecommerce_host>/courses)
  3. Refresh course metadata and update index on the discovery side.

And from there I was able to create course runs from the publisher app and I can see the courses in the

I’m doing it on tutor with this plugin: GitHub - Dicey-Tech/dt-publisher-plugin.
There is still some work to do:

  • I’m using a fork of the publisher repo because as it is, the routing using by tutor-mfe doesn’t work with the publisher MFE.
  • I haven’t tried any additional features of the mfe (e.g. publish, review)

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