All repos have a core set of labels available now (and your labels may have changed!)

Short version

Some issue labels have been added or changed. If you own a project board, look at your board’s filters and make sure that they still filter issues the way that you think they should.

What changed

The openedx GitHub organization now has a core set of consistently-colored labels which you apply to PRs/issues across repositories:

  • good first issue
  • help wanted
  • maintenance
  • code health
  • security
  • a11y
  • enhancement
  • documentation
  • depr
  • bug
  • discovery
  • epic
  • initiative
  • wontfix
  • duplicate
  • …and a number of additional labels that our Open edX Project Managers use to triage pull requests.

We hope that this will make it easier to search for issues and create useful board filters!

Speaking of board filters: some labels existing labels were renamed. For example, in many repositories:

  • :dizzy: epic” became simply “epic”, and
  • “good first issue :tada:” became simply “good first issue” (fyi @regis)
  • etc.

The full list of changes is too long complicated to describe here, but in general we removed all punctuation and emoji from labels in order to simplify things. Labels were updated automatically on issues themselves, but if you have any project boards for openedx issues, I recommend that you check and ensure that your boards’ filters still work. I already checked all projects boards in the openedx organization, but I’m not sure what other project boards are out there using openedx issues. For example, if you have a filter like this:

org:openedx is:open label:“:dizzy: epic”,“:100: initiative”,“:mag_right: discovery”`

then you would want to change it to this:

org:openedx is:open label:epic,initiative,discovery

Reply here if this is confusing or if you need any help with updating your project board!

Going forward

We don’t have precise definitions for most labels, so we encourage folks who triage issues to just continue to use their best judgement and apply them as they find useful. Furthermore, keep in mind that many repositories define custom labels beyond the core set, and we don’t plan on changing that.

The core set of labels are controlled by the new labels.yml file. You can propose adding or remove labels by opening a PR against that file; someone from Axim will take a look. If you aren’t sure how to open a PR yourself, you can file an Axim request and we’ll do our best to help out.

Happy labeling! :label: