Allow access to studio only to the staff

I’m seeking some clarification regarding access to the Studio and user login permissions.

Firstly, I would like to confirm if it’s possible to restrict access to the studio exclusively for the staff. Do we need to activate a specific environment variable for this purpose? I’ve noticed that even when registering as a simple learner, I still have access to the studio. Although I don’t see any available courses, I would prefer to prevent learner users from logging into the CMS.

My intention is to ensure that only authorized staff members have access to the studio. Could you please advise me on the steps to achieve this?

Thank you in advance

Hello spuccia,

thanks for the inquiry.

2U does not currently know of or utilize a restriction like this. However, 2U will be embarking on a roles and permissions update project within the next calendar year, and will happily include this use case in our list.

Best regards,
Jesper Hodge (2U)