Staff status enabled check-box became disabled after user opened Pages and Resources page in studio

Hello, Community!
Please, help with issue regarding disappearing staff status for user in admin.

  1. register and activate new user (or already created user could be used but this user should not have staff status in admin)
  2. In admin give user Staff status
  3. Login by user to studio → choose any course → Content → Pages and Resources

As result:

  • there’s error message in lms with 403 code - “You are not authorized to view this page. If you feel you should have access, please reach out to your course team admin to give access”
  • Staff status enabled rights disappeared for user from admin

Thanks in advance!

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Hi @Mariia_Ostrochreva what is the version of Open edX and if you are using tutor deployment can you please share the version of that too ?

Hi, @chintan!
I checked this on palm and quince releases

Hi @Mariia_Ostrochreva

I tried it out as you mentioned, registered and activated a new user, then gave only “Staff” status in admin panel and then went to studio → Course → content drop down → Pages and Resources

And it works well for the courses created by that user.

But it does give the error you mentioned for going into the course which was created by another user. And yes the staff permission vanishes.

However, if you give that user Course team access as staff from Settings → Course Team drop down, it’ll work.

@chintan, thanks for your answer!
As far as I’m concerned user with Staff status in admin should have access to courses which were created by another users cause he like “global” user. Also this enabled Staff status check-box should not disappear in admin by itself.
So in my opinion giving that user Course team access as staff is not quite a workaround.

I agree on that, Staff status given should not get removed on it’s own, I am gathering more info on this, after I have proper stuff on it then will raise it to required maintenance working groups so they can take a look into it.

Thank you, @chintan !

Hi, @chintan!

Are there any updates regarding this issue?

Hi @Mariia_Ostrochreva

I’ve created an issue in a repo, you can add more details there if required. Staff Permission vanishes · Issue #241 · openedx/public-engineering · GitHub

The ‘workaround’ of sorts is to do it via teams if we want to make it work as of now.

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