Studio multi site/multi tenant

Hi, the mutisite feature is it only for the LMS?

Using the “course_org_filter” configuration the LMS show only the organization courses but the Studio always display all courses (from all organizations).

I want to have a LMS and Studio per site. Is it possible ?

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Hi @mikemenard,

I’m not sure if Studio has that type of filter, but Studio should only show each user the courses that they have permission to view. So if you use groups and “org-level permissions” to ensure that users only have permissions to view courses from their own org, I think it will have a similar effect. In other words, don’t grant any user the “global staff” permission, but instead grant each admin an “instructor” or “staff” role for their org.

Thank you for your answer.

I don’t find any place in the admin where I can say this user is an Instructor or staff of this particular organization.

It’s not very clear, but you can go to (LMS or Studio domain)/admin/student/courseaccessrole/ and add a new role assignment with the org set to a specific org, but the “course ID” blank (and “role” set to instructor or staff). That should have the effect you want.

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There is a new funcionality that allows you to set administrator for different orgs.
It was made in PR [BB-3622] Add course creation condition for organisation by farhaanbukhsh · Pull Request #26616 · edx/edx-platform · GitHub and will be available for maple.

Now, other than that, studio does indeed not support multi-tenancy very well.


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