An Overview of Open edX Components

Hey, all!

One point of confusion we’ve found with people getting introduced to the platform is just how many pieces are involved in making it work. I’ve written up a blog post that gives an overview of many of the components that newcomers might be interested in. Please let me know what you think!



Good day Fox_Piacenti, My name is Stephanie and i’m new in this community, I really appreciate the blog you shared, it’s very precise and useful.
Have a good one!

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Thanks Fox for the great info… have a newbie question… Is the content that is currently on the main platform included in the Open EdX project? I’m not necessarily looking for an LMS but more so a way for my NGO to offer existing content locally in Africa where the internet is slow or non-existent. Even if it’s the free courses that’s a huge help…

@TeeWreh The platform code does not include the course content that exists on I’d suggest making a thread describing the problem you’re trying to solve (the issue with low access to Internet) how you’d like to solve it (getting an offline or local copy of the course content) and see if someone from edX may have an idea how to help. They and the institutions that put their content on are the ones who would need to make any determination there.

For those who missed it, we had a recent community meetup where @nedbat went over the differences between edX and Open edX, and I went through several parts of the platform, similar to what was in this blog post. Here’s a link!

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