Android app not displaying any course

Hi all,

Open edX installed with Tutor (version: 14.0.5)
Local deployment

I have activated the tutor-android plugin by following the steps described here:

tutor plugins enable android
tutor local quickstart

The .apk file is indeed available for download at https://mobile.LMS_HOST/app.apk as indicated in the documentation.

However, when I install the app on my smartphone (Android OS), there is no course displayed. When I visit the website however, I can see one course.

Note that I do not see any course on the android app both when I am disconnected and when I am connected to a student account. I even tried to register the student to the course to see if it would appear on the app but it did not work.

Any idea ?

Thank you in advance.

Hi @RonanFR

Have you tried tweaking advanced settings in your studio within course called Mobile available to true?


Thanks a lot @Melsu

This was the issue. It works now :slight_smile: