Android development

Hi all, i am a beginner to open edx development, i am an android developer but i am unable to understand where to find the plugins. If someone could point me towards the right direction it would be a major help. Thanks

Hi @samin97 , welcome to Open edX!

The latest/best Android app code is here: GitHub - openedx/openedx-app-android: The mobile app for Android for the Open EdX Platform.
Its README says it relies on these plugins being installed on the Open edX platform: GitHub - raccoongang/mobile-api-extensions

Does that answer your question?

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thanks @jill for the information this might help but I was looking for tutor plugins as my co-workers were working on web LMS using tutor. I apologize for being unclear.

I’m not sure exactly what you mean… You can use Tutor to run the LMS, but you’ll have to run your Android app code separately.

Or do you mean that you need a Tutor plugin that adds the mobile-api-extensions to the LMS? If so, I didn’t find an existing tutor plugin for this, but you can easily create one that installs mobile-api-extensions as an extra requirement:

  1. Create a small Tutor plugin using this tutorial.
  2. Add this to your plugin’s patches/openedx-dockerfile-post-python-requirements file:
  3. Install your plugin using the usual tutor plugins mechanism.

ah ok. thank you this was very helpful.

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