Announcement: Changes coming to Confluence registration

Hi all,

The Open edX Wiki at Open edX Community Wiki has had an increasing amount of spam posted lately. Sadly the tools we have in Confluence to deal with this are pretty limited so we’re going to have to make some changes to the registration process there to make things more secure. Hopefully they will be minimally invasive and not impact very many people, but we (tCRIL) wanted to be transparent about the changes and why we’re making them.

Note: None of these changes impact being able to read wiki content, which is public! This is only necessary for people who wish to add pages or comment.

  • In the next few days we will be restricting the ability to self-register a new Confluence account to email domains that belong to groups which we have a history of collaboration with. So 2U/edX, Arbisoft, OpenCraft, and a dozen or so other organizations should be able to register new users as usual. This should cover the vast majority of Confluence users.
  • Anyone with an active Confluence account can invite other users from the “People → Invite a Teammate” menu option, our assumption is that folks in the community can help bring in new collaborators if they know access is needed.
  • Everyone is still very welcome and will always be able to request an invite via the tCRIL Engineering support form. We will update the on call forms and documentation to make it as clear as possible how to do this, as well as update the main Confluence landing page to explain how to get write access before flipping the switch.

Let me know if you have any questions or concerns!


This change is live, please contact myself of submit a support request from the link above if you experience problems with Confluence registration. Thanks!