I've been polishing up the Community wiki space

We have an “Open edX Community” space in the wiki for information about the community and how we work together. I’ve done a bit of refactoring:

  • Moved engineering topics to a different space
  • Added an Organizations page to help people understand those.
  • Moved a number of pages to new parents within the space to keep the hierarchy tighter.

The wiki is for all of us to maintain. If you have ideas for improvements, let’s talk about them!

IMHO, there is still too much tactical information about projects in this space, for example the 2U Blended Development area, but we’ll find new places for those soon I hope.


Thanks Ned, it’s looking great!

Which space did you move the engineering topics to?

Engineering stuff moved to “AC”: https://openedx.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/AC/overview

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