Ansible playbook error

Hello Everyone , I am installing open edx using this tutorial

when I run step 5 Installing Open edx I get the following error in the pastebin link

I am using Hawthorne.master

Please help

Hi @FaisalALi92,
hawthorn release is outdated and its installation is out of support. You can try to install the latest version ironwood.master. also we have an open discussion thread about keeping old releases installable you can participate. Have a nice day

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@FaisalALi92, this is due to an issue with the matplotlib library which was fixed in the master branch and backported to the open-release/ironwood.master branch in this PR. However, since the Hawthorn release is not supported, it has not been backported to the open-release/hawthorn.master branch.

If you want to run the Hawthorn version, you can fork the edx-platform repository, backport the fix to the open-release/hawthorn.master branch and then use your fork and patched branch to install your instance.