Native Open edX Ubuntu 16.04 64 bit Installation

Issue with the installation I am following the steps on here

I used export OPENEDX_RELEASE=open-release/hawthorn.master in the first steps

when I reached step 3 I get the following error
at the below task: I get this error “error: RPC failed; curl 52 Empty reply from server”, “fatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly”]}

TASK [edxapp : install python requirements] ************************************

Can somone help???

It will be much easier to help if you can put the entire installation log output into a pastebin so we can look for clues.

@FaisalALi92 Also, the current supported release is Ironwood. Not sure why you decided to go with Hawthorn, but Hawthorn is outdated and unless you have strong reasons to be on Hawthorn, I’d recommend installing the Ironwood version. Also, as Ned said, it’ll be more easier if you could give us a pastebin or gist link with the log output.

When I copy the entire error the sites gives me new users can only have 5 links?

So am not sure how to share my error log.

Well I was asked to install this specific version at work I will need to ask why they are going with the hawthorne.

I’m not sure why, but it seems that you cannot reliably clone from GitHub:

  Cloning (to 1ceda7c086fddffd1c440cc86856441bbf0bd9cb) to /tmp/pip-build-kseJp1/djangorestframework
error: RPC failed; curl 52 Empty reply from server
fatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly