Any plans for the Stanford-Online repositories and XBlocks?

Since now Stanford Online has been shut down. There’s still some value in moving those XBlocks to or even and make its maintenance a community-effort.

Some XBlocks like the Free Text Response XBlock is pretty handy for course authors that I’ve worked with.

I’m sure that there are some value with other XBlocks or repositories in the Stanford-Online GitHub organization.

The ideal outcome I’m proposing is the following:

  • List all valuable repositories on the organization (I’m less excited about forked repos and more focused on original repos like the FTR XBlock)
  • Move it to
  • Open it up for Core Committers and edX engineers who’d like to contribute.

How can we do the above? or part of it.

There are no repos in the FriendsOfOpenedX GitHub organization. Maybe this would be a good start?

I suppose it is a good start! I’d like to move the Free Text Response XBlock, how should to reach out to?

I’ve just saw that the @edx fork of the Free Text Response is being actively developed. I’m a bit surprised since I don’t think it’s something that it’s being used at edX.

Traditionally anything that’s forked by edX makes it the de-factor upstream that few can “swim” against.

I don’t know whether edX is using the block. The changes in that repo look like the sort of maintenance changes that are being made across the entire edX GitHub organization. Perhaps @stv can tell us more?

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We will or have deployed the blocks required for hosting Stanford courses on Stv, I believe, has the best knowledge of the specifics here. Not sure what the plans is vis-a-vis, declaring the edX version as the canonical upstream.