Are there training opportunities for Developers who work on Open edX?

Hello Team!

We have a team that is supporting a few instances of open edx deployed to our cloud infrastructure.

We have a few new team members that are getting up to speed on our project and some of the changes that our users are requesting.

I was wondering if there are any training courses (paid or free) for developers that are working on the open edx project?

Some areas of interest:

  1. Xblock training
  2. General training on making changes in the app
    1. best practices
    2. architecture overview
    3. dos and don’ts
  3. Hosting training/best practices
  4. Plugin development design/best practices
  5. other?

I know that there is some tutorials in the docs (Xblock Tutorial, Architecture). I was just looking to see if there are more resources that I have not found.

Thanks in advance for input on this thread!


Justin Jones

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@justin-jones We don’t have such a course just yet, but there is currently work in progress being done on the matter by @sarina, to prepare courses for onboarding new contributors and core contributors to Open edX. I don’t think it’s quite ready yet to get your team on, but it builds upon @omar 's work at GitHub - openedx/onboarding-course-introduction: Introduction to Open edX for engineers. . Maybe that could be something you & your team could help with, at least with feedback as you get fresh eyes? Contributing things that you have to learn during onboarding to help others who will face this in the future is a really useful form of contribution.

Also, if they are getting started on contributing to open source projects in general, you might also want to look at the upstreaming course we are developing in collaboration with other open source projects: mooc-floss / mooc-floss · GitLab

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We’ll take a look at these resources.

@justin-jones if your team was to keep a running document of questions they have and answers they find, that would also be really useful! It can be difficult writing a “getting started” resource when you aren’t getting started yourself :sweat_smile:

I have kept some information. I will add what I have right now and continue to add as I can remember to do so.

Link Description Question
edx-course-creator-plus Free Path on Creating content in Open edX. (Might be free to audit if you don't need the certificate) How do you create courses in OEX?
Link To Existing X-Blocks Link to a directory of existing x-blocks Are there examples of Existing x-blocks?
Link To Existing X-Blocks Link to the Open edX Discussion group How do I ask a question to the community?
Open edX documentation Link to the Open edX documentation Where can I find the documentation for Open edX?
Open edX Wiki Link to the Open edX Wiki Where can I find the Open edX wiki site?

@justin-jones this is great! I’m worried this table will get lost in the forums so I’ve made a page on the wiki - if you (and anyone else!!!) could continue authoring this page, that would be wonderful.

@cmuniz ^^ tagging you on this since you’ve recently onboarded. If you have any insights to add please do!


Hi Guys -
it is a very important thread from my perspective as well.
As OpenEdX deployments are growing, having a course for engineers is very important and I am happy that it is already started.
I’ve shared it with our team and will provide feedback when we have some. :slight_smile:

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