Thoughts on a Successor to XBlocks

Hi everyone,

As one of my personal Core Committer goals, I set out to write up my thoughts on what a successor to XBlocks might look like (Google Doc). This is just a high-level, early-stage idea for discussion purposes; it’s not a plan nor part of any actual project.

If you’re interested in that topic, I’d love to hear what you think! Feel free to comment inline on the document itself, or in this thread.


  • This proposes a system for content plugins with many similarities to XBlocks, but with the logic implemented in JavaScript instead of python, and a much more tightly-controlled API between the LMS and the content plugins.
  • This would enable offline use and (what I think is very cool) would allow course authors to install and use content plugins for just their course without needing to ask their Open edX administrator.
  • This would also (hopefully) make content plugins easier to author, more performant, and more secure.