API Courses in Studio

on my cms, all courses appear, how to display only certain courses? where I found the API for the courses

There isn’t a mechanism to filter courses by default, but you can hide individual courses from being shown on the courses listing by setting the advanced setting “Course Visibility In Catalog” to “none”, in each course you would like to hide - cf https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/openedx-ops/PwLqyn5vpXQ

For the catalog API, to develop your own custom catalog, see this documentation:


You can also have a look at Richie, the portal developed by FUN which gives you a standalone catalog that takes its information from the LMS. Edulib is also using it: https://catalogue.edulib.org/en/

how do i find the API?
I want to make a LMS subdomain, a user can be a creator, but for that subdomain, like course_org_filter on site config